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AbOUT Project Thrive

We are all born to thrive!

How the Coaching Process Works​

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Mission ANd GOals

Project Thrive is a social change initiative dedicated to reaching out to the next generation of adolsecents who are experiencing struggle in their life. I experienced my fair share of personal challenges as an adolescent, but managed to overcome, learn and create a happy life I am proud of. It has become my mission to help young people navigate an increasingly uncertain world so that they too can transition into adulthood with a strong sense of self, confidence and optimism. I hold space, and trust them as they cultivate their own creative vision for their lives that is aligned with their identity, values and dreams.


Coaching is a future oriented and solution focused support service that supports clients as they strive towards achieving meaningful personal, academic or career goals. It is a person centred, strength-based and non directive intervention that puts the client at the heart of the growth process.


Whilst therapy addresses dysfunction on the wellness continuum, coaching takes functional clients from normal function to thriving.

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WHy COACHING Works for young people

There’s a widely recognised support gap when it comes to meeting the needs of adolescents. Coaching, with its emphasis on a non-directivity and solution focused orientation, can fill the void between the more directive, high-pressured and competitive environment of formal education system and the problem focused interventions found in the mental health services.

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