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HeY!! get in touch...
I'd love to hear from you:)

Not sure if coaching with me is right for you, or just not sure about coaching in general? Check out the coaching fit checklist below.

If you tick most of the boxes, send me a brief message using the form below, outlining your challenges and goals, and any questions you may have, along with your general availability.


Then, if you feel like we are a good match, then we can go from there and book in your discovery call! If not, no worries - the call is obligation free :)

If you're seeking support for your teen or young adult and want to discuss their needs, then please schedule a consult call below, briefly outlining your reasons for reaching out. 

Coaching ready checklist:  

COACHING with me IS probably a good fit if:


      you're ready to commit to improving your life.


      you're ready to put some time in each week for honest self-reflection and take action towards your goals. 


      you're open to new ideas and willing to give new things a go so you can make positive changes.


      you're ready to invest in a coaching program that is tailored especially for you and your needs.


      you feel you would benefit an open, honest and non-judgemental support as you work through your struggle.


      you're tired of feeling lost or stuck in the same thought patterns, habits, or situations.

      you're doing OK but want more from life.

COACHING IS probably NOT FOR you yet if:

     you're looking for a magic quick fix or want someone else to do the work for you.​

     you're not ready or willing to take responsibility for your life.

     you think that things will just get better by themselves without making some changes.

     you feel resistant to open and honest self-reflection.


     you're not ready to take action. 

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