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The professional bit

Hannah Thomas is an International Coach Federation approved Certified Youth Resilience and Transition Coach, and UK qualified secondary phase teacher of English who holds a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Linguistics. She is currently studying towards her Master of Science in Psychology of Education (BPS) at The University of Bristol.

background and Focus 

Hannah has been supporting teens professionally for over fifteen years, in a variety of contexts and capacities – as youth coach, English teacher, learning support advisor, mindfulness teacher and tutor. Through her work she has become increasingly interested in the deep and complex intersections between psychology and education.


She is primarily concerned with the development of the brain, within the domain of socioemotional growth in particular, during the adolescent developmental period. Drawing upon the latest research in interpersonal neurobiology, neuroplasticity, and positive psychology approaches to enhancement of mental health and wellbeing, she is passionate about exploring the multifaceted ways in which psychology can better inform future education policy making, curriculum design and practice; ultimately so she can better meet the needs of young people as they experience their uniquely challenging biopsychosocial changes.

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