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MY THrive story


I’ve always been a dreamer and soul searcher. I remember from a young age, gazing out of my bedroom window, pondering the meaning of life. I yearned for magic, beauty, and deeper connections - a life in the moment with more laughter, exploration, adventure and imagination. The innocence, joy and freedom of my happy childhood felt like they were slipping away all too quickly. All of the conventions, expectations and pressures that seemed to dull down the spontaneity and spark of life were bedding in –  increasingly life felt like a competitive performance where I was being judged, but one that I felt I had little direction over.

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Looking back, for years I had been trying to define myself via the world around me and so I found it difficult to know who the best version of me was. As a result I spent so much of my young adult life feeling confused, dissatisfied and in a constant battle between wanting to feel happy and authentic and trying to live up to what I thought other people and society expected of me. I also felt the pressure to excel in all areas of my life, and I had become my own, harshest critic.


As a result, my self-worth dwindled and this spilled over into my relationships, and continued to feed destructive behaviours, resulting in burnout and depression. This was a low and painful point point in my life,  but looking back, I know this darkness was the period of transformation. It was during this time I began my own Project Thrive.

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