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Project: Balance


  • 1 h
  • From £75 per session
  • Online

Service Description

Life can seem like a precarious circus act sometimes… With so much to take care of and so many responsibilities and energies pulling us in different directions, it can feel pretty shaky. Juggling it all can make it easy to lose sight of who we are and what makes our lives truly fulfilling. With a never ending to do list, multiple deadlines and pressures coming from different angles, you might be feeling overwhelmed, wondering you will ever find the time and space to pursue your dreams or simply find a sense of calm and poise in your life again. Or perhaps you’re feeling wracked with guilt at the very thought of not being able to take care of everything and everyone in your life in the way you feel you should; unable to say no easily and willing to sacrifice your own needs and sense of wellbeing to meet increasing demands. Whichever way you’re feeling out of sync, Project: Balance with Hannah can help you lead a more integrated life. Hannah will help you: - integrate the pillars of health and wellbeing into your daily life to support the pursuit of your life purpose - Develop healthy and manageable habits and self-care rituals - Move from a perfection to wholeness mindset - Manage time more effectively - Establish clear boundaries, building a sense of empowerment that cultivates self-worth - Enhance self-awareness to realign with your purpose and reconnect with your needs - Adopt a healthy balance between a being v’s doing mindset

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