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Project: Path


  • 1 h
  • From £75 per session
  • Online

Service Description

Lost your sense of direction in life? Feeling a disconnect between what you’re doing and what really matters to you and what gives your life meaning? Is your vision for your future unclear or forever changing? It’s common to feel directionless. Maybe you’ve woken up feeling like you’ve lost your way but can’t figure out why. Or maybe you’ve realized you’ve chosen the wrong course or your career isn’t what you expected. Whichever way you’re feeling lost, it’s easier than you might think to get back on track. Project: Path coaching with Hannah helps you take stock of your life, refocus on your strengths and reconnect with your values, interests and passions. Hannah is there to support you every step of the way as you reorientate, explore alternative paths and move forward with a newfound clarity and confidence. - Reconnect with your core values, identity and beliefs to inspire intrinsic motivation - Determine your priorities - Create a clear vision of your ideal future - Create clarity around your main goals - Assess options on different routes forward - Create and decide on a plan of action on how to get there via incremental steps - Create weekly specific, realistic, measurable and achievable goals - Take back control and feel more confident in your decision making - Anticipate potential obstacles in your way - Identify limiting beliefs, fears and other self-sabotaging behaviours - Maintain focus and accountability

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