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Project: Resilience


  • Ended
  • Covering Bristol and Bath Area

Service Description

This research lead intervention coaching program, developed by the Youth Coaching Institute, is designed for teens or emerging adults committed to building reslience to thrive in life, school and/or work. The total program consists of 17.5 hours of resilience education and coaching over a period of 10 weeks in the following format: - Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with Hannah - 30-45 minutes each - Weekly group coaching sessions - 60 minutes each - lead by Hannah As an ICF-credentialed coach, Hannah works to enhance participants' understanding of how to: - leverage internal and external resources to begin moving toward self-determined goals. - leverage personal strengths, traits and skills conducive to goal pursuit. - identify life direction and set and pursue goals in line with that direction. - align themselves with people, places and spaces conducive to goal pursuit. - develop the skills and make behaviour modifications necessary to enhance resilience and chances of success through goal striving. We learn about and explore: - the adolescent stage of development - self care and stress amangement - identiy, self worth and mindset - power and choice - goals and plans for success - self-awareness - social learning - emotional intelligence - critical thinking skills - boundaries and priotitizing - habits and self-management - managing progress: learning, growing and self-advocacy Group sessions are delivered in person in schools, colleges, universties and community or business centres , covering the Bristol and Bath area. All one-to-one sessions are online. Contact Hannah directly for more information.

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