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Project: Rise


  • 1 h
  • From £75 per session
  • Online

Service Description

Do you feel like you’re studying all hours but your grades still aren’t where you want them to be? Or maybe you’re coming out of lectures feeling like you haven’t remembered a thing? Or perhaps you’re doing well in school but are worried it’s taking over your life as you struggle with everything else… Or it might be that you just can’t see the point in studying for a certain subject and are always battling to get your homework done. Or maybe you’re just too easily distracted and find yourself cleaning your room for the tenth time, or sucked back into your phone again, rather than getting your essay introduction nailed. Sound familiar? However you feel like you’re struggling, not achieving your potential or enjoying your studies, academic coaching can help you turn things around. As an academic coach, Hannah partners with her student clients to examine their approach to learning, strengths and opportunity areas to inform and implement effective strategies to promote academic success. Her role is to support and guide you as you apply those strategies, serving as an accountability partner on the way, using activities and learning scaffolds where appropriate to help you target the gaps you identify. Hannah will help you: - Improve academic self-awareness - Navigate expectations, needs and goals for success - Harness your academic strengths and academic self-efficacy - Recognise opportunities for improvement in academic skills and performance - Raise academic performance - Raise your levels of motivation for studying - Improve your approach to stress management - Time management and prioritising for performance optimisation - Reflect on your approach to learning - Explore effective alternative study strategies for performance optimisation - Resource optimisation and self-advocacy Academic Tutoring: As an experienced qualified English Language and English Literature teacher, Hannah also offers one to one or small group tuition for students working towards their English entrance exams, GCSEs or A Levels. As an English specialist, she can support your learning by demonstrating and clarifying how to apply your knowledge of texts, and improve your reading and writing skills in the areas where you need to catch up or are experiencing difficulty. Hannah can also guide you towards improving your general academic writing skills; helping you write, edit and improve essays, personal statements and coursework submissions across a range of subjects.

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