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Project: Teen


  • 1 h
  • From £75 per session
  • Online

Service Description

Are you a parent or carer who is worried about their teenager’s or young adult’s wellbeing? Are you struggling to connect and communicate and want a supportive adult to intervene? Help your teen prepare for the next stage of their lives with the help and expertise of a certified coach and mentor, and experienced learning guide. Adolescence is both an exciting and challenging time where individuals undergo the biggest biopsychosocial changes of their lives. As young people emerge into young adulthood, there are some inherent developmental vulnerabilities and risk factors that make it more of a struggle for them and their families to navigate. When so much is going on biologically, psychosocially and environmentally, in an increasingly uncertain world, it’s no wonder teenagers and young people are experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than ever before. With so much at stake, it is Hannah’s calling to support young people by meeting them where they are, helping them learn how to care for their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being as they explore their new and more complex inner and outer life experiences. From a safe, non-judgmental compassionate space, they are able to pursue their dreams with more confidence, resilience and enjoyment. Hannah helps her teenage clients: - Form healthy habits and constructive use of time - Develop intrinsic motivation and sense of life purpose through identification of strengths and dreams. - Set and accomplish self-determined goals that are aligned with positive values, identity and beliefs. - Face challenges with confidence, building grit and resilience. - Veer away from risky behaviors and set healthy boundaries - Recognise opportunities for participation and involvement - Communicate skilfully so they are able to better resolve conflicts and build healthier caring relationships. - Build inner awareness via learning how to recognise, express and self-regulate problematic thoughts and emotions - Build healthy esteem, sense of autonomy and empowerment and optimism - Commit to learning and growth.

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